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I hate shopping for jeans. There, I said it. Every time I decide I am going to go shopping for a new pair of jeans, it’s almost like I have to prepare myself mentally for a day full of disappointment. It’s not that I don’t find jeans that I love, it’s that I don’t find jeans that I love AND fit me well. It seems like that’s just asking for too much from these brands. I developed at a pretty young age and had hips and a booty by age 12. From that age, I learned that finding jeans that were going to flatter my very un proportional body, was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. So my journey began. Along the way, I have found a few brands that do fit me well, but still hadn’t found a pair of jeans that were curated JUST for me. That was until……


If you’re a curvy girl, who has spent most of your life in fitting rooms trying to squeeze your small waist, big hips and big booty into a regular pair of jeans, then you are pretty much going to love what I am about to tell you. There is a new brand in the denim world that is about to be a game-changer for us and they are called The “Cenia ConVi Jean”. Designed by my dear friend Cenia Paredes and with girls like you and I in mind, she has invented a jean-ius (haha get it?) idea to make sure we never feel left out in the jeans department again!


Here is how the Cenia ConVi Jean works below:

They conveniently have two zippers in the back of the jeans where you would normally have them taken in to fit your waist to hip ratio, instead when you put the zipper up it takes in two inches from the jeans, having them fit like a glove. If you do not need the jeans taken in and leave the zipper down, the jean is standard size and leave the open zippers just as design.

I took these jeans out for a whirl and felt so good and comfortable in them! You can shop the jeans here today! Use my code ‘Sherly10’ for 10% off!


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